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    Bridging Loan – A Perfect Solution to Arrange Quick Cash

    Most often, people get stressed due to the urgent cash requirements. What will you do if you ever face similar kind of situation? At Proconnenergy you can find easy and flexible solutions of your short-term financial needs. We are a reputed company specialized in providing bridging loans for various short-term requirements. In general term, bridging loans are classified as the interim financing to fulfill the short-term cash requirements of an individual while making investment in land or property – until permanent financing is arranged.

    Proconnenergy is a leading bridging loan consulting firm offering complete solutions for customer’s short-term financing. Through bridging finance one can fulfill its urgent money needs. If you’re a resident of UK and looking to get quick cash, we can help you out. We are UK’s top commercial as well as residential bridging loan specialists.

    How Bridging Loan Works?

    In order to become eligible for bridging finance, one should need to produce few documents while applying for this loan. People can take help of such bridging finance programs at times when the sale of the existing property gets postponed or delayed due to financial reasons. We offer our customers excited and affordable commercial bridging loans and residential bridging loans quotes.

    Bridging loan, also referred as short-term loans used to buy a property or land until the borrower can arrange money. This kind of loan is given to both the salaried professional as well as self-employed professional although in both cases you need to produce some documents. For salaried professional, the certificate of their employment and pay slips issued by the respective employer is necessary. On the other hand, self-employed individuals need to produce the copy of audited financial statement of last 2 years.

    Eligibility for Bridging Loans

    • Citizenship proof
    • Age and address proof
    • Salary or financial statement proof
    • Bank statement of last 6 months

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