Enjoy knitting with the right knitting needles

To be successful at knitting, you need to start with the right materials such as good knitting needles. The needle will determine what stitches you make and dictate whether you enjoy the experience or become totally frustrated with it. When you enjoy knitting, the more you will be able to turn out good knitted items.

In general, knitting is making an item with yarn and two knitting needles. It is important to use the right knitting needles because it can be a very frustrating experience when you can’t control your knitting. There are several kinds of knitting needles and it is important to know which one to use for your knitting project.

Knitting needles are generally made with plastic, aluminum, or wooden or bamboo. All knitting needles have their own preference when learning to knit and some may try several times before finding the best one to use. Bamboo knitting needles are light, strong, and flexible and warm to hold compared to aluminum needles. However, they can break easily. Most novice knitters start with bamboo knitting needles because the yarn does not slip off easily.

Various Kinds of Knitting Needles

Depending on your knitting project, you will need to use a specific type of knitting needles. It is thus important to know what you will work on before you buy your set of knitting needles.
Straight or single pointed needles are used for making flat items such as scarves and blankets. The needles are straight and have a point on one end and a knob on the other. You will use 2 single pointed knitting needles to do your project.

To make circular and flat knitted items, you will need circular knitting needles. They are connected by a flexible plastic cord.

For knitting circular pieces or seamless items such as socks, you will need double pointed knitting needles. You can buy them in sets of 4 or 5 and are used simultaneously.
Cable needles are short and thin knitting needles which are used for knit cable stitches.

Life with Eating Disorde

Having an eating abnormality is not an easy life. Like in those who have binge eating disorder, feeling of shamefulness and guilt after consuming enormous quantity of food in a meal continuously blankets their psychological aspects like in their emotions. Author is an expert of eating disorder treatment texas, visit here for more interesting information.


There are few effects eating abnormalities may bring to a person. It may be simple things or lifetime burdens that may cause serious disease and illnesses if not treated properly.

Emotional Effects
Eating disorders may bring emotional effects to individual suffering from it. It may affect their self-esteem and may bring feeling of shamefulness and guilt. These emotions and feeling may seems simple at first but may become complicated when left untreated.

Social Effect
With the effects of eating disorders to an individual’s emotions, his or her social life with people around him or her may be greatly affected too. He or she may become very anxious with his or her body figure that may lead to shamefulness and eventually, drawing out his or her own self from others.

Physical Effect
Correlating health issues, we can say that physical effect of eating disorder is the most dangerous of its outcomes. Health issues like heart failures and insulin resistance of Binge Eaters and malnutrition of Anorexic people may lead to severe illnesses and diseases. Inadequate or over-eating often results in imbalance diet resulting for the body to have lesser or excess compounds. These physical illnesses and diseases may result in acute conditions or death for the worst.


Eating disorder treatment centers are institutes that cater treatment for eating abnormalities. They are employing psychological concepts for counseling and therapies in order to help people with such conditions. These centers are well-designed with staffs professionally trained in dealing with clients with eating disorder to efficiently help them overcome their abnormalities.


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